Leaderboard is a quick way to see leading users in terms of credits earned by completing courses that have some credits. Leaderboard shows the list of users in the descending order of earned credits. It also shows the earned badges by users and stats such as number of courses enrolled / completed and number of programs enrolled / completed.

Leaderboard widget can be enabled for two places -

  • Enabling Leaderboard on Dashboard

Leaderboard on dashboard can be enabled by enabling leaderboard feature from Site Admin->Site Details->Features . Also you should check if the leaderboard panel on dashboard is enabled for admin / learners from My Items->Dashboard Options

  • Enabling Leaderboard on Group Overview Page

Group level leaderboard can be enabled from Group Edit->Options

User's included in leaderboard Panel 

  • Leaderboard on Group overview Page 

Group level leaderboard includes only that group members data to show leading users.

  • Leaderboard on Dashboard Page

  1. Public leaderboard -> Dashboard leaderboard can be set to include all users (entire microsite), for that site admins can enable public leaderboard setting present in leaderboard widget available on admin's dashboard.
  2. Private leaderboard -> Dashboard leaderboard can be restricted to include only those groups where viewer is a member and group have members tab on, For this setup public leaderboard setting should be disabled.


A leaderboard is also available on Group overview page, that shows leaders in that group.