In EduBrite LMS, badges can be linked to Courses or Programs. When a learner completes the course or program requirements and it is awarded to him/her, then if there is a badge associated with that course/program, it will start showing up on user's profile and dashboard.

Badge Programs

Program allows you to create course-course relationship using prerequisite option and it also allows you to setup a credit system (or point system) for courses in the program. Unlike the normal usage of program where you create a program-session, you could also create program with badges without any program session, and add users to it as program member (program session based usage is also perfectly fine here). Since programs are linked to a group, this also provides a good way to create badges that are specific to a group or group hierarchy or to define same badge but link it with different programs for different groups. And as learners take courses, the system automatically updates their status in the enrolled programs (including the ones where there is no program session), and as soon as a program requirements are met, learner would get the badge awarded.


Badges Setup

1. Create Badge - Any number of badges can be created on a microsite.
  Enable Badge Feature - Add a custom property BADGE=true in Site Details - Customization tab.
  Upload badges using site admin - Badges menu option.

Click Add New to upload a new badge - Upload image and specify description.

Uploaded badges list -

Badges - Name and Descriptions can be updated using update icon present in badge list.


Assign Badge to a Course :

A badge can be linked to a course. Using course's badge property badge can be linked to course if you want to award a badge on completion of the course.

Assign Badge to a Program :

  A badge can be assigned to a program. A program can be created having any number of courses.
If you want to award a badge to a learner on completion of three courses.
  1. Create a program and select a badge for this program.
2. Add courses to the program
Course Properties :  select the course and specify the credits
Add all courses required for the program -
Set Program's Minimum Credit Required to award program completion :
  Total credits are Total of all courses credits. Minimum Credits should be equal to Total credits if all courses needs to be completed for Badge.
3. Enrolling Users To Badge Programs :
  A. Auto Enrollment - Users can be auto enrolled in badge programs by enabling Group - 'Auto Enroll to program' settings.
     When a user is added in that group, user will get enrolled in. For this setup program sessions can be created with accessType Free or ByInvite.
  Creating a program session with AccessType 'By Invite'
   Program Session with access type 'By Invite' should be created in those cases when you don't want to list badge programs on your catalog.
   And user's enrollment will do done by automatic action.
   Program sessions should be created without creating any course session as part of this program session.
    B. Self Enrollment : Badge programs can be listed in course catalog and users can self enroll.
     Creating a program session with AccessType 'Paid'
       For Self enrollment create program sessions with access type 'Paid'. Price can be set as $0 if no payment is required.
      User can enroll in the program using catalog -
Awarding a Badge : 
Badge will be visible on users profile and dashboard when user completes a badge enabled course or program.
User's Dashboard :
User's Profile
Creating a Badge Hierarchy :
Badges program can be setup in such a way that a higher level badge will be awarded once user earns all previous level badges.
Use Case :  Star Badge will be awarded once a user earns Badge1 and Badge2.
To Setup this structure
Create Program Badge1 - Add all courses part of Badge1 ( say Course1 and Course2)
Create Program Badge 2 - Add all course part of Badge2 ( say Course3 and Course4)
Setup program Star Badge - This badge will be awarded when user gets both Badge1 and Badge2.
For that Add all courses part of Badge1 and Badge2 in this program, Courses ( Course1,Course2, Course3 and Course4).
User will be awarded -  Badge1 after completing Course1 and Course2, Badge2 after completing Course3 and Course4.
As all 4 courses part of Star Badge completed user wil be awarded Star Badge.