Network Updates

Site feature 'Network Updates' should be enabled to show Network Update and dashboard panel - network panel should be enabled for learner then only panel appears on learner's dashboard.

Dashboard - Network update panel

Shows updates from user's enrolled groups and enrolled course sessions, if updates are enabled in groups and CS. Updates include various type of activities happening in a group or course session like - Article/file/link/News Added in a group, Forum topic posted/replied and Status updates.

There are 3 levels of updates

  • User Updates
  • Group Updates
  • Course Session Updates.

Dashboard - network update panel can be customized as read only so that users can't post update/comment from dashboard panel. For that add site custom property NETWORK_UPDATES_READONLY=true in site details customization tab. 

Dashboard panel view with read only setting -


User Updates :

A user can post update from dashboard Network update panel (If not configured as read only) or from profile activity tab. 


User Update Visibility - Users updates appears on user profile - Activities tab. If user has made profile public and Activity tab is visible then other users can view profile and status updates.


Group Updates -

  • Forum -  Topics posted / replied

Topic posted or replied updates appears on group members dashboard network update panel. If group setting 'Learners can add forum posts' is enabled, Learners can also create new topics.

  • Resources - Added

Updates about new resources added appears on network updates panel, If group setting "Learners can add/edit resources' is enabled learners are also allowed to add/edit resources.

  • Polls  - Created

Update about new poll created and a link to open poll is posted in network updates panel on group members dashboard.

  • Group - Update [ Feature Comment ]

If comment is enabled in group settings, Users can post updates in a group using group overview - Share update panel.


              Group Updates appear on group members dashboard and group overview page.


        Non Private Group -

  • If setting '
  • if setting 'Allow non group members to post comment' is also enabled then non group members can post comments from group overview page.            

Course Session Updates -

Forum, Resources, Polls and Comments can be enabled at course session level also. All enrolled members of course session can use these features for collaboration.


   Learners permissions can be controlled - 

  •  Course Session Updates :

If course session updates feature is enabled in a course session. A Session Update panel appears in course session overview page. Updates posted from CS overview page appears on course session's members dashboard network update panel. ( if learner's permission - hide updates is not enabled). Learners can post updates also if permission setting is enabled.

Users can rate and comment on update.

  • Forum

If CS forum is enabled - Course session members can create and reply forum posts. Add/Reply topic notifications appears on course session member's dashboard network update panel and posts can be accessed in CS forum tab. Learners can rate forum posts.

  • Resources

Notification about new resources added is posted on course session members dashboard, and course session overview updates section. Learners can also add resources if permission is enabled.

  • Polls 

Notification about new poll created and a link to open poll is posted in network updates panel on Course Session members dashboard.


A filter is provided to filter updates on activity types, Rating is allowed on notifications and Comments are allowed on Course Session updates.


How to delete a post

Site admin or the person who created the post can delete it. In update panel on mouse over a red cross option option appears to delete the post.