Course Player

HTML5 player supports course playing in all devices ( smart phone, tablet and computer). Fully responsive course player, It's size adjusts with the device screen size. HTML5 player has no dependency on Flash.

Course player for all devices


Course Editor - New Settings

Some of the new settings available in editor are following:

  • Outline on right - this option swaps the normal position of outline and content, and moves the outline to the right.
  • Show Outline as List - this option allows to show outline as a list.By default course outline is shown as tree in the course player
  • Striped Outline: If not checked, by default dotted lines are displayed in outline.
  • Collapse left navigation menu: this option allows to collapse left navigation menu when course is launched.
  • Show go back to beginning button If enabled a Back button is presented at the end of the course to go back to beginning.
  • Timer : Timer can be enabled and can be configured to show time spent in current lesson or Module or overall course. This configuration is useful when min required time restriction is set at lesson/module/course level accordingly timer can be set.
  • Allow Comment and Rating: this option allows viewers to add comments and rating for course.

Course Editor - Module level New Setting :

Minimum required time constrain can be added at module level. User can move to next module only after spending spending required minimum time in the module.


Course Editor - Lesson Properties

In the lesson properties, we have added couple of new options to allow you to indicate when would a lesson be considered completely viewed

  • Minimum required time - if you specify lesson duration and enable this checkbox option, then the specified duration will be considered as minimum time the lesson has to be viewed before it would be considered complete
  • Require lesson to be fully viewed - if you have a video/audio and you want the lesson to be considered complete only when learner watches it till the end, you can enable this option. For lessons with files or online edited content, this option will allow you to enforce every page has to be opened before the lesson can be considered complete.
  • Setting both options - if you set both of the above options, then lesson will be considered complete when both conditions are met
  • Mandatory to read this lesson to proceed - It enforces linear learning in a course, User can move to next item after completing this item.
  • Do not lock the next items till this item is complete - If you set both Mandatory and Do not lock, item will be considered mandatory for course completion but allows user to take next item. No locking enforced.
  • Prefer flash widget - lesson will use flash widget.

Course Editor - Quiz New Settings :

In quiz properties few new settings are added.

  • Lock quiz after first passed attempt : Enforces locking on quiz once user passed a test even if more attempts are allowed.
  • Show/hide Course Table of content : Enabled TOC during test taking allows a easy navigation to other lessons.


Course Player 

The new html5 course player maintains general user experience same as before to make it seamless for the learners to adapt to new player. Let's look at some of the new features and some changes:

Player - Audio/Video controls

A major improvement is done in showing the Audio/Video controls consistently for all kinds of lessons. Whether you are watching uploaded video, YouTube, Vimeo or a linked video with presentation, you will find Play/Pause toggle buttons, progress bar, mute/unmute controls consistently placed at the bottom and always visible. To seek the video just click anywhere on the progress bar.

Bookmarking in Audio/Video lesson -

Bookmarking is available for audio/video lesson, If user leaves course player in the middle of a video, bookmark is saved and when user access the course again video resumes from the same point.



Course Outline View

Items status -  Course outline view indicates lessons/test/survey items as pending,completed,locked

  • Item available - indicates its pending and not locked
  • locked items - lock icon on a item indicates its locked, prerequisite is pending or tests all attempts are exhausted.
  • Items with checked icon - check-mark indicates item is completed
  • Item Mandatory - A asterisk indicates item is mandatory.

This will allow learner's to easily spot things which are incomplete and mandatory.


Course player Notifications:

A major improvement is done in showing messages in course player. Few notification examples -

Item Locked as previous items not completed :


Module not completed


Course player - Using 'Outline on Right' setting

This setting (available from course editor) allows moving the outline to right of content


Course player - Using 'Outline as List and Striped' settings :


Course player - quiz setting 'show course outline' enabled :


Course Outline with SCORM : 

A new property is added to show TOC with SCORM

Course player - SCORM setting 'show course outline' enabled :


Status Bar

At the bottom, status bar provides links to access Transcript and Summary. Lesson view time is also presented on that bar. A refresh icon is also present to refresh the course player.


Notes icon at bottom allows learners to add/update notes. Notes can be accessed from My Items - notes menu.


Course player - lesson setting 'Printable and Downloadable' enabled:

Lessons properties downloadable and printable can be enabled to allow learners to download/print a lesson. For enabling printable option please select 'Prefer flash widget' option also.


Course player - Ratings and Comments section:

Ratings and comments allows learners to rate and provide comments for the course.