All site users can view their own calendars through the menu item My Items -> Calendar.

  • The calendar would show all events (both exams/surveys as well as other non exam events like offline meetings, conference, webinar etc) and that are currently scheduled and for which the user has or potentially can have access to.
  • Enrolled Course Sessions - calendar shows user's enrolled courses access begin and access end date. 
  • Available Course Sessions - Course session's setting 'Show in calendar' allows to show course session on all user's calendar those are member of course session's parent group.
  • Events can be filtered based upon the current status of the event (currently running, past or upcoming), type of events (exams/surveys or other type of events) and also based upon the subscription status in the events (already subscribed or yet to subscribe). The default view of the calendar would be the month view, however user can easily switch to weekly and daily views.

Event Visibilities

All users have access to calendar, however events shown in the calendar are based upon whether the user has access to that event or not.

  1. Site admins have access to all events, so all events would come up in their calendars (subscription filter can be used to filter subscribed v/s non subscribed events).
  2. Learners have access to only those events in which they are subscribed or they can potentially subscribe (ex free/paid events). The "By Invite" events to which a learner has not been subscribed by the event owner is potentially off limit for a learner and therefore is not visible in the calendar.

Course Session Visibility

Enrolled Course Session - Calendar shows enrolled course session's access start and end date.

Course sessions can also be configured to show on calendar to all group members even if member is not enrolled in that course session. This can be configured using course sessions setting -

Event Creation

Site admins can create events (both exam and non exam events) for a day (or starting from a specific day) directly by clicking on a specific day. The user would be prompted to choose the specific type of event that they intend to create. This would then initiate the normal steps of event creation. The create buttons on the left search bar can also be used to create the events. Non site admins would not have access to create any event directly through the calendar.

Group Calendar

Calendar is also available for a specific group to show only the group level events. Site level events are all filtered out from this calendar. The group calendar can be made visible (or switched off) through the group level option settings by the group or site administrators. Group options are accessed through Group Overview -> Edit -> Options


Remove calendar from learners dashboard and navigation links:

1. Site Admin can hide calendar panel from learners dashboard page using My items - Dashboard Options link. Customized dashboard provides option to enable/disable dashboard panels. There is also an option to 'Lock these options for learners' that blocks learner's permission to control dashboard panels.

2. Calendar link present under My Items can also be removed using Site Admin -> Site Details - UI Customization tab : using 'Configure visibility of other menus' option. It opens a popup to configure navigation for Group admin and Learners.

Calendar colors customization :

Colors on Calendar to differentiate Past/present/future items can be customized. colors can be changed using css override.  Use Site Admin -> Placement -> V2 CSS to overright default color values. following css classes are used -






 .fc-event-title, .fc-event-time, .fc-event-title a, .fc-event-title a:link, .fc-event-title a:visited{color:#000000}